The official website for the Binding of Ciltari series, by James McLeod.

The Binding Of Ciltari - Official Site
The Binding Of Ciltari - Official Site


5/05/12   A map of The Western Hold (the Order's western territories) has been added: you can see it peeking out above. If you're interested in the lay of the land, go take a look.

7/04/12   Huzzah! Progress! The website is now up and running properly. The 'Part 1' section above is now open too, feel free to peruse it, and enjoy!

16/02/12   As you can tell, the site is still under construction. Writing for part 2 is going slowly at current simply because of corrections to part 1, there are a lot of little kinks to iron out, but I'm finishing them up at the moment.

05/01/12   The first draft of part 1 has been sent out to a few people for test-reading, getting some feedback and eager to continue part 2. Think I might put a progress bar here akin to progress-bot on

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